Return to on-site work

Planning for fall quarter return

Organizational planning for return to on-site work

As the University prepares for largely in-person instruction for the 2021 fall quarter, the information on this page is intended to help organizations plan for and successfully return their teams to on- site work.

Determining eligibility for hybrid or remote work

Criteria for managers to consider when evaluating a new telework request or a request to extend an existing telework agreement.

Return to on-site work templates and checklists

Units should use the information on this page to plan and communicate a return to onsite work.

Talking about work-life concerns during the transition to onsite work

This resource is specific to helping managers and staff navigate returning to onsite work in preparation for the 2021 autumn quarter.

Manager guide to preparing for back-to-the-workplace conversations

Self-awareness can help you be more present in conversations with employees and make it less likely that your emotions or biases about returning to onsite work get in the way of constructive conversations with your team.

Employee guide to preparing for back-to-the-workplace conversations

These questions will help you be more aware of your own goals and emotions regarding back-to-the-workplace planning.

U-PASS reactivation

If you did not renew your U-PASS during Annual Renewal in June, or if you cancelled your U-PASS in the last year, you may need to purchase a U-PASS before returning to campus.