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Access and use agreement for vaccination verification

Last updated: November 1, 2022

The University of Washington validates all workers’ vaccination status, including new employees, unless a medical or religious exemption is approved. The UW administration has commissioned HR partners, Academic partners and I-9 coordinators to do this validation work, and because of that they will receive access to employee’s detailed COVID 19 vaccination card and verification information in Workday.

This document was developed in partnership with the UW Privacy Office.

Summary of responsibilities

In order to fulfill this responsibility you will have access to confidential data as defined in UW Administrative Policy Statement 2.4:

  • Confidential Information—University information that is sensitive in nature and typically subject to federal or state regulations. Unauthorized disclosure of this information could seriously and adversely impact the University or the interests of individuals and organizations associated with the University.

Access to this data comes with heightened data privacy responsibility, and the UW wants to make sure you are aware of those responsibilities. Thus, you are required to read and accept this agreement as your acknowledgement of your responsibilities. If, after reading the below and reviewing the linked resources, you do not understand your responsibilities, please speak with your supervisor for clarification before accepting this agreement.

Because you are being given access to confidential data you need to review the following Policy Statements:

Administrative Policy Statement (APS) 2.2, University Privacy Policy

After reading the policy please acknowledge that you:

  1. understand that vaccination data is considered confidential and should be handled in accordance with the confidential data procedures in APS 2.2
  2. agree to only access and use the data to the minimum amount necessary and as authorized to perform the vaccine validation task per the instructions given by Human Resources and Office of Academic Personnel.
  3. agree to not unnecessarily duplicate or create redundant copies of UW data.
  4. agree to not give others the ability to access confidential vaccine data unless it is allowed and authorized by Human Resources and the Office of Academic Personnel.
  5. agree to consult with UWHR, OAP or the UW Privacy Office if I have questions about my privacy responsibilities.

APS 2.5, Information Security and Privacy Incident Management Policy

After reading the policy please acknowledge that you:

  1. will promptly report unforeseen events, potential or confirmed data breaches, or an information security incident to the office responsible for responding to and/or managing the incident as noted on the UW Privacy “Report an Incident” webpage.


Failure to comply with UW policies or laws and regulations applicable to accessing UW information systems or processing UW data may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.