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Vacation hours cap suspended

Updated July 19, 2021

Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 20-43 allows classified employees who voluntarily exceeded 240 hours to maintain excess vacation time off balances. Employees are encouraged to use their excess vacation time to ensure excess hours are not forfeited on their anniversary date (time off service date). As of January 19, 2021, the proclamation will remain in effect through the duration of the COVID-19 emergency or until rescinded.

Once the proclamation expires, WA State law requiring excess vacation time off forfeiture on a classified employee’s anniversary date will resume nine months after the date the proclamation ends.

Employees who exceeded 240 hours

All classified employees who exceeded 240 hours prior to the expiration of the proclamation may preserve vacation time off accrued over 240 hours for nine months after the proclamation has ended. Any excess vacation time off remaining after nine months will be forfeited.

Employees who are below 240 hours

Classified employees whose vacation time off balances are below 240 hours are encouraged to use their vacation time off to ensure the balance does not exceed 240 hours.

Beginning nine months after the expiration of the proclamation, Workday will resume automatic forfeiture of excess vacation time off on a classified employee’s anniversary date. No action by a department or employee is required to preserve balances before that date.

Employees in critical positions who are unable to take vacation time off in nine months and before their anniversary date may work with their manager and UW Human Resources to receive approval to extend use of vacation on a month-by-month basis. Contact your Human Resources consultant for approval. Extension requests must be made prior to exceeding 240 hours.

Professional staff

While professional staff are encouraged to keep vacation time off balances below 240 hours, they are already allowed to carry larger balances when work obligations prevent them from using their vacation time.