Return to on-site work

Temporary reassignment during COVID-19

Updated May 21, 2020

Effective May 4, 2020, the medical centers are no longer accepting new volunteers from campus for temporary reassignment. The information below describes temporary reassignment provisions for individuals within the medical centers already on or returning from a temporary reassignment.

Campus staff interested in temporary jobs at the medical centers may competitively apply for open positions.


During the COVID-19 emergency, University of Washington regular contract covered, classified non-union, and professional staff may volunteer to be reassigned to a position in the medical centers as an alternative to furlough. Employees with qualifications including licensure, familiarity with UW Medicine, UW systems and/or other skills can help the medical centers meet the demands of this unprecedented healthcare emergency. Temporary reassignment opportunities are not guaranteed and are dependent on the needs of the medical centers.

Duration of Reassignment

Reassignments are limited in duration and the employee will be returned to their home department following the conclusion of the reassignment. However, temporary reassignments may end prior to their conclusion when:

  • A home department requests the return of an employee before the conclusion of the COVID-19 emergency.
  • The department providing the reassignment chooses to end the temporary reassignment.
  • The temporarily reassigned employee chooses to end their temporary reassignment.

When temporary reassignments are ended early, as much notice should be given as possible, but not less than a week, and temporarily reassigned employees will return to their home department on a date agreed to by both the department providing the reassignment and the home department.

Impact of Reassignment

During temporary reassignment, employees who move into a position within the same classification series will receive the same benefits and equivalent or greater salary as their regular position. Employees moving into a position within a different classification series will be compensated at the appropriate level for their new role. Staff may also be eligible for premium pay depending on the position to which they are reassigned.

Continuous service will not be impacted by the temporary reassignment.

Employees temporarily reassigned to the medical centers will report their time and/or time off requests in Kronos for the duration of their reassignment.

Requesting a temporary reassignment

Temporary reassignments are arranged in coordination between campus departments, campus Human Resources consultants, and UW Medicine Recruiting. Once the arrangement has been agreed to, UW Medicine HR will be initiating and completing the lateral job change in Workday (Reason: UW Hires Only – Reassignment (Assign & Return)). Campus departments with questions may contact their Human Resources consultant. Medical centers departments may contact UW Medicine Recruiting.

Employees who have already accepted a temporary reassignment may volunteer to be reassigned into a different job during the reassignment by mutual agreement of the medical center department and the employee. The employee must meet the minimum qualifications of the new job.