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Exemption for temporary hourly staff hours limits during COVID-19 crisis

Updated October 8, 2021

Temporary hourly staff employees working in positions essential to maintain University and hospital operations during the COVID-19 state of emergency period are exempt from the UW’s 950-hour limit and the state’s 1,050-hour maximum until December 31, 2021. Until that date, temporary hourly staff employees who previously hit an hours maximum may be rehired to fill vacant positions that meet the critical position criteria.

This exemption to WAC 357-04-045 was approved by the director of human resources for the State of Washington on October 7, 2021 and is valid until December 31, 2021.

Approval process

Medical centers positions are considered essential to maintaining safe hospital operations and managers may choose whether to allow a temporary hourly employee to exceed 1,050 hours. Campus positions may meet exception criteria. Campus departments should contact their HR consultant to request approval for a campus temporary hourly employee to exceed 1,050 hours, providing justification for the exemption request.

The Temporary Employment Monitoring Tool and associated alerts continue to provide information regarding hours worked at higher hours thresholds.

Upon expiration of exemption

Exceeded 1,050 hours

Effective January 1, 2022, temporary hourly staff employees who have exceeded the state’s 1,050-hour maximum will no longer be able to work in a temporary hourly capacity until they have passed the anniversary of their original temporary employment date. Temporary hourly staff who have exceeded 1,050 hours and whose original temporary employment date is not in the month of January should be terminated.

Exceeded 950 hours

Upon expiration of the exemption, temporary hourly staff employees who have exceeded 950 hours will be entered as having received authorization to exceed that threshold in the Temporary Employment Monitoring Tool. Departments should follow the normal monitoring process to ensure employees do not exceed the state’s 1,050-hour maximum.

All other hour thresholds

Departments should follow the normal extension request process described in the UW’s temporary employment program to request extensions to exceed the institutional 950-hour limit.