Return to on-site work

Administrative leave during COVID-19

Updated January 6, 2022

Administrative leave for COVID-19 related reasons has been authorized for all regular, fixed duration, and project appointment staff positions meeting qualifying criteria. Student and temporary hourly employees are ineligible for administrative leave.

No loss of pay – for COVID-19 related medical criteria

No Loss of Pay (NLP) is paid to all eligible employees:

  • Who have had a possible work exposure and are out of work due to the COVID-19 illness. The amount of administrative leave paid will be offset by state worker’s compensation benefits, if granted.
  • Who are PEBB benefits eligible and at high risk for illness due to exposure to COVID-19, and have exhausted their own time off and have not met minimum healthcare benefits eligibility requirements to be in pay status for at least 8 hours per month.
Amount and value

No Loss of Pay is limited to the duration of the need and is 100% of an employee’s wage or a combination of worker’s compensation and paid admin leave. The use of No Loss of Pay in a workweek does not count as time worked towards weekly overtime because it does not exceed weekly scheduled hours.


Departments with employees who meet qualifying criteria should contact their human resources consultant (HRC). If authorized by UWHR, departments may enter No Loss of Pay. Entries are made through Kronos for the medical centers employees and the Request Absence business process in Workday for Campus employees.


The earning “NLP” can be uniquely costed as an “earning-level” costing allocation by the costing allocation coordinator. Follow the ISC’s Workday User Guide on assigning costing allocations.