Return to on-site work

COVID-19 policy updates

Administrative leave during COVID-19

Two types of administrative leave for COVID-19 related reasons have been authorized for all regular, fixed duration, and project appointment staff positions meeting qualifying criteria.

Continuation of benefits for temp hourly staff during COVID-19

Employees who meet certain requirements can maintain insurance coverage as long as they remain in pay status for at least eight hours in each calendar month.

Public health emergency accommodation

Washington state law protects high-risk employees seeking an accommodation from exposure to an infectious or contagious disease during a public health emergency.

Release time for taking the COVID-19 vaccine

The University strongly encourages all employees to get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible.

Temporary PEBB benefit eligibility for hires related to COVID-19

The resolution as approved allows for UW employees in eligible positions to earn PEBB benefits eligibility the first of the month in which they are hired.

Time off resource summary

This page summarizes the time off options for various scenarios related to COVID-19.

Vacation hours cap suspended

The University is temporarily suspending the 240-hour vacation accumulation cap and annual forfeiture of vacation time off on an employee’s anniversary date for classified staff under certain conditions.