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Partnership for Organizational Excellence — Work Request

Thank you for requesting partnership with Partnership for Organizational Excellence (POE). Please provide us with information to help us facilitate your request.

Within three business days, a member of our team will follow up with a focused conversation to determine how we may best serve your needs.

Eligibility for POE service is determined by provost/vice provost affiliation and by an entity’s core mission to educate students or conduct research, as well as our capacity to meet your needs.

    Contact Information

    Project/work description

    1. Briefly describe what you and your team would like to address through engagement with POE. Please use discretion in discussing potentially confidential matters:

    2. What steps, if any, have been taken in regard to this matter?

    3. What outcome(s) would you like to reach with the assistance of an Organizational Excellence Partner?

    4. How will engaging the services of an Organizational Excellence Partner build your team's internal capacities?

    5. What is your timeframe? Please note that a minimum one month’s notice is required to deliver service.

    Past consulting projects

    Have you worked with a consultant from UW Professional & Organizational Development (POD) before?
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    If yes, please provide us with the timeframe (month/year), and a brief description of the work/project:

    Project/work investment

    Partnership for Organizational Excellence services are funded by the University of Washington to maximize efficiencies and foster organizational excellence within academic units.

    Engagement in POE services requires a nominal monetary investment. A $250 deposit will be charged at the end of the initial discovery phase for this project, upon mutual agreement. After completion of the initial discovery phase, Partnership for Organizational Excellence will draft a proposal of the work to be done. If no additional work is projected, there will only be the $250 charge.

    If there is a desire to move forward with additional work pertaining to this project, an additional $500 fee will be charged. The cost of materials, assessments and other tools vital to fulfill the goals of the project may be necessary, but will only be considered with client approval.

    Partnership for Organizational Excellence values your time, as it is vital to the success of our partnership. We may be asking you, your staff and/or faculty to commit time as determined in our assessment of the overall project goals and deliverables. (Assessment may include participating in discovery interviews, responding to a survey, or taking part in a facilitated event.)

    Given these considerations, please affirm the following:

    1. Are you willing to make the financial investment of the fee as described above (billed to a UW budget) for engaging in this work?
    YesNoOther, please describe:

    2. Are you willing to invest staff and/or faculty time to ensure the successful completion of this effort?
    YesNoOther, please describe:

    Thank you for your time! We will follow up with you at the email address you provided.