Professional & Organizational Development

Partnership for Organizational Excellence

Beginning in 2019, Professional & Organization Development (POD) expanded its service delivery to support academic leaders and units with strategic goals, leadership and team development, and organizational needs. This service is supported by the University with the goals of maximizing efficiencies and fostering organizational excellence in academic units across the University.

Our two Organizational Excellence Partners and Support Specialist are available to work with academic leaders and units as our expertise and availability align with your objectives and timing. Through our partnership with academic leaders and teams we seek to offer short term (6–8 week) engagements to address mission critical needs.

We offer services to address organizational excellence in the following areas:

Leadership: Foster individual and collective leadership capacities that are aligned with the vision, mission, and goals of the organization. We do this through leadership development and coaching, succession planning, and alignment of organizational vision and mission.
Strategy: Create and analyze the road map for where a team or project is going and how to best achieve desired results. We facilitate strategic planning to review organizational alignment and strategic goal setting.
People: Develop a high-performing team that is able to manage change and contribute to the success of the organization. We deliver workshops and facilitate conversations based in high-performing team models as well as communication and relationship management tools.
Process: Evaluate and design processes and tools that facilitate successful implementation and execution of organizational goals. We facilitate team conversations and workshops to help staff improve processes, plan and implement to achieve their goals.

Priority may be given to projects, objectives, and initiatives that support stated goals to foster efficiency and organizational excellence. Additional fee-based resources continue to be available through the University Consulting Alliance for projects that meet goals outside the Partnership scope, require immediate availability, or require a longer and more complex engagement.

Catherine Bachy
Organizational Excellence Partner

Catherine has shared her expertise as a leadership coach, strategic facilitator and instructor as part of POD’s University Consulting Alliance and quarterly courses since 2015. She looks forward to partnering with staff and faculty of academic units to enhance opportunities for excellence. Learn more

Keya Burks
Organizational Excellence Partner

Keya is a higher education champion and service-oriented professional. For more than a decade, she has worked within student affairs in various public and private universities, equipping individuals with resources for academic, personal and professional success. Learn more

Services from the Organizational Excellence Partners are supported by the University with the goal of maximizing efficiencies and fostering organizational excellence in academic units across the university.

In order to participate in these services, we require a nominal monetary investment. We will charge your budget a $250 deposit at the start of the project. After our assessment and discovery phase, we will present you with a scope of work and proposal for the project. If you agree to move forward with us, we’ll request an additional $500 administrative fee. We will also charge your unit for any materials purchased (by mutual agreement) as required to fulfill the goals of the project.

Please complete this form to the best of your ability to enable us to analyze and manage work requests as accurately and efficiently as possible.

We aspire to be able to meet your needs. The Partnership for Organizational Excellence will contact you to discuss your request in more detail after the form is submitted.

If you require immediate assistance with a project outside of our scope, please consider contacting the consultation services coordinator for the University Consulting Alliance, Gina Moore, at