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Dan Kennedy



Consultant Dan Kennedy

Before we can successfully manage, lead and collaborate, we need to get along. Get along with our co-workers and those outside our organization with whom we need to make important connections. From that essential foundation we can make things happen.

Let’s talk if you work with a leader/manager who needs to change how they show up with others so that their relationships with their people and peers change for the better. Two examples:

  • Abrasive managers. These are folks who harm their people psychologically. People don’t leave their jobs. They leave their managers and abrasives are the most hurtful ones out there. And they usually don’t think there’s a problem!
  • And then there are leaders who need to change how they interact with their people as well as important partners. One way or another they are somehow not able to connect to others well on a personal level.

My unique Co-360 Assessment followed up with my coaching is a unique and effective way to help a manager see they need to change and then do so.


  • Coaching Abrasive Managers
  • Coaching Managers ignorant of their impact
  • Coaching for Leadership Success
  • Training: How to Coach Your People


  • Successfully coached abrasive managers with different organizations from the private sector and government agencies
  • Coach business owners and executives from various private companies
  • Taught coaching skills to managers at different institutions
  • Authored the book, Creating Results that Matter: A Coaching Manual for Anyone.
  • Past producer of radio programming and podcasts focusing on workplace issues and trends (KSER Public Radio and NetSpeed Learning Solutions)


  • B.A., Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Certified LEAP Coach, Alliance for Leadership Acceleration
  • Completion of the Core Curriculum and the Co-Active Leadership Program, The Coaches Training Institute


  • University of Washington
  • City of Seattle
  • WorkSource of King County
  • Bellevue College
  • AARP
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