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Carolyn Gellermann

Gellermann & Associates


One of the most crucial tasks in the workplace today is harnessing the energy of a wide variety of opposing perspectives into a productive whole. We need to develop the attitudes and learn the processes which enable us to accomplish our goals when we don’t agree. It is essential that we know how to work together when emotions are strong, opinions differ, and stakes are high. Our success depends more than ever on the ability to deal cooperatively and constructively with our differences, and transform them into creative, equitable, and lasting agreements.


  • Resolving and preventing conflict between individuals or groups
  • Delivering customized training which is engaging, practical, and appropriate to the needs of the group
  • Shaping effective work teams by improving communication between diverse group members, defining new structures, and clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Facilitating meetings to: identify problems and develop strategies to overcome them; clarify expectations; and address long-range issues
  • Designing and conducting retreats for planning, problem-solving and decision-making
  • Coaching leaders in skills for managing individual effectiveness and team productivity


  • 25 years of consulting experience, including 10 years of experience at the University of Washington in collaborative planning, cooperative problem-solving, and conflict resolution with the Medical Centers and a wide variety of campus departments
  • Co-developed Strategic Leadership Program (SLP), University of Washington
  • Partnered with William Ury, author of Getting to Yes, on methods to redefine conflicts not as two-sided, but as having a Third Side, which involves the interests of the surrounding system
  • Created nationwide management training program for REI: Communication for Understanding and Agreement


  • M.A. Organization Development, Antioch University; M.A. English Literature, University of Washington ƒ
  • Adjunct faculty, UW College of Education, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • ƒGlobal Negotiation Project (Dr. William Ury, Harvard University): creating training programs for worldwide use ƒ
  • MIT/Harvard Public Disputes Program: Negotiation for Executives, Dealing with an Angry Public, Dealing with Difficult People and Situations, Advanced Negotiation Skills


  • Healthcare: UW Medical Center, Harborview Medical Center, UW Health Sciences, School of Dentistry, Evergreen Hospital and Medical Center, American Heart Association
  • Government: International (Turkey, South Africa); National (Dept of Justice: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; Office of Personnel Management) and Local (City of Redmond)
  • Higher Education: UW School of Law, School of Nursing, Computer Science and Engineering, Center for Career Services, School of Art, School of Drama, Office of Student Affairs
  • Non-Profit: Eastside Leadership Alliance, KEXP (Community Public Radio 90.3 FM)
  • Business: The Boeing Company, REI
  • Public Schools: 32 State of Washington districts.
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