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Art Frohwerk



We believe every individual has enormous potential to contribute in their organization. It is our job to clarify that potential and connect it to the goals of the organization. Our team helps you achieve your most challenging goals by building alignment, facilitating effective conversations, driving innovation, and applying unique visual tools based on a proven set of principles.


We use a method of discovery and a big picture approach in all of our work. Through a series of highly collaborative sessions, we work to coach, build ownership and guide the implementation of plans. We make sure that the right things happen in the right order, to systematically leverage resources, and ultimately sustain and improve desired results.


  • Strategy Design, Implementation & Sustainability
  • Master Process Design & Innovation
  • Relevant Leadership
  • Innovation Methods
  • Experience Design
  • Project Management
  • Facilitation and Team Building
  • Systems and Tool Development


  • Over 30 years of experience helping clients achieve breakthrough performance ƒ
  • Extensive experience with both small- and large-scale projects in almost every industry (academic, universities, colleges, scientific/research, healthcare, non-profit, municipalities, corporate business) ƒ
  • All work blends practical and academic rigor, allowing every element of a project or change to be accounted for, including human factors strategy, process, measures, facilities, and technology ƒ
  • Alumnus of Walt Disney Imaginnering; the Procter & Gamble Engineering and Product Development, Belcan Engineering Group, and FutureCORE


  • BS in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College ƒ
  • Selected certifications include: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Steven Covey); Total Quality Leadership (Belcan Corporation); Innovation Leader/Facilitator (Disney) ƒ
  • Co-founder of three companies including the UW Institute of Collaborative Building ƒ
  • Developer of methodologies including: Capability / Maturity (Organizational Readiness); Strategic Framework; Master Process; Experience Design; Project Management; Cultural Design for Innovation


  • Trinity Lutheran College ƒ
  • Xavier University ƒ
  • University of Pennsylvania ƒ
  • UW Real Estate Office ƒ
  • UW College of Engineering
  • UW Educational Outreach ƒ
  • Pacific Northwest Research Institute ƒ
  • Seattle Public Schools ƒ
  • Seattle Public Utilities ƒ
  • Seton Family of Hospitals
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