Labor Relations

2013-2015: Teamsters 117 Negotiation Archives

Peter Denis
Assistant Vice President, Labor Relations (Lead Negotiator)
Sue Carr
Technical Services Manager, UW Police Department
Carly Gilham
HR Specialist, Labor Relations
Lisa Hanna
HR Consultant, Campus HR Operations
A.J. Hartman
Communications Specialist, Labor Relations
Steve Rittereiser
Commander, UW Police Department
John Vinson
Chief of Police, UW Police Department
Randall West
Deputy Chief of Police, UW Police Department
Randy West
Associate Director, HR Compensation

September 17, 2012 Negotiations Recap for September 17, 2012

This recap details the first session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and Teamsters.Opening DialogueUW acknowledged that substantial financial uncertainty persists in Washington State, and that many recently settled contracts throughout the state have yielded…