Labor Relations

AFT – UW Negotiations Recap for Thursday, May 25, 2022


This recap details the May 25 virtual session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the University of Washington and the American Federation of Teachers. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

AFT Counter Proposals

Article 4 – Union Rights

The Union rejected the Employer’s proposal to strike language regarding reassignment time, which states that during Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters, one Union representative will receive 33% paid reassigned time.

Article 15 – Leaves of Absence

In response to the Employer’s proposals, the Union proposed that during approved Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) the employee would not be required to use paid leave to receive healthcare benefits. The Union also proposed to add “any urgent parental duty” to the definition of childcare emergency. The Union rejected the Employer’s proposals to cite relevant administrative policy statements and laws.

Article 18 – Professional Development

The Union proposed that during Autumn and Spring Quarters, one day of classes will be canceled as needed to allow all Extension Lecturers to attend a professional in-service program. The Employer’s last proposal stated that classes may be canceled, rather than “will be canceled as needed.”

Article 19 – Performance

In response to the Employer’s proposal, the Union proposed that if changes to the Observation Report Form are necessary, the changes would be agreed to—rather than discussed—in a Labor Management Committee meeting. The Union accepted the Employer’s proposal that the Senior Director would contact the Extension Lecturer to acknowledge submission of their performance appraisal, rather than automatically meet. In exchange, the Union proposed that the contact acknowledging the submission would include an offer of a face-to-face meeting.

Side Letter – UPASS

The Union accepted the Employer’s proposal to add language stating that employees are responsible for ending payroll deductions for the UPASS and that no refunds for those deductions would be processed. In exchange, the Union proposed that all bargaining unit employees with an active appointment would not be charged a fee for the UPASS, rather than only those with an active appointment of at least 33% FTE.

UW Counter Proposals

Article 5 – Non-discrimination

In response to the Union, the Employer maintained its proposal to clarify that the status listed as protected from discrimination are covered by Executive Order 31 (EO 31). As a result, while the Employer accepted the Union’s proposal that union status should not be a basis for discrimination or harassment, the Employer proposed to add this language separately from the language describing status protected by EO 31 (as union status is not protected by EO 31). The Employer additionally added languages clarifying that only discrimination complaints for statuses protected by EO 31 could file complaints with the University Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office (UCIRO).

Article 13 – Personnel Files

The Employer accepted the Union’s proposal that notice of the disposition of personnel files would be sent 30 days prior to their disposition. In response to the Union’s proposal, the Employer proposed that this notice would contain an offer of the option to request a copy of the expiring file by the indicated date.

Next Steps

The next AFT and UW bargaining session is scheduled for Monday, June 6, 2022, and will be held virtually.