Labor Relations

UW – UAW Negotiations Recap for April 4 & April 5, 2018


This recap details the sixth and seventh sessions for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and UAW, set to expire on April 30, 2018. Recaps are published online on the UW Labor Relations website.

Tentative Agreements

The parties signed tentative agreements to close the following provisions:

  • Preamble
  • Article 1 – Purpose and Intent
  • Article 2 – Recognition
  • Article 3 – Definitions
  • Article 4 – Appointment and Reappointment Notification and Job Description
  • Article 6 – Discipline and Dismissal
  • Article 9 – Health and Safety
  • Article 11 – Intellectual Property and Scholarly Misconduct
  • Article 13 – Job Posting
  • Article 15 – Layoff
  • Article 21 – Personnel Files
  • Article 22 – Severability
  • Article 23 – Subcontracting
  • Article 24 – Summer Non-registered Graduate Research Student Assistants
  • Article 25 – Training
  • Article 26 – Travel
  • Article 27 – Union-Management Committee
  • Article 30 – Voluntary Community Action Program (VCAP)
  • Article 33 – Workload
  • Article 34 – Workspace and Materials
  • MOU: Immigration Status and Work Authorization
  • New Article – Hourly Pay Scale Transparency

UW Proposals

Job Titles and Classifications – UW maintained its proposal to update the occupation codes for all job titles and remove outdated language detailing classification reviews for certain position titles, as that work has been completed.  In response to the Union’s proposal, UW tentatively agreed to remove the proposed further details of job duties.  The Employer maintained its proposal to strike the Predoctoral Lecturer and Predoctoral Researcher titles, along with the proposed update to the standard qualifications for Predoctoral Instructors.

Union Rights –UW maintained its proposals in the article around Union rosters and jointly developed contract administration training for managers.  UW proposed language that indicated Union orientation would count toward the 220 hour expectation or be paid according to the ASE’s hourly wage, and that departments would encourage new ASEs to attend these thirty minute orientations. UW maintained its rejection of the Union’s proposed language to compensate five 50% ASEs for the two complete quarters during which bargaining occurs.

Discipline or Dismissal – UW withdrew the entirety of its proposals related to the discipline or dismissal process and proposed to retain current contract language.  The parties signed a tentative agreement to that effect.

UAW Package Proposal

UAW put forth a package proposal in which all provisions would need to be accepted in their entirety.  Provisions included:

Union Rights – UAW withdrew its proposals for paid release time for six 50% FTE ASEs to administer the collective bargaining agreement, and for ten hours of paid release time each quarter for Union leaders on contract administration.  In the package proposal the Union would agree to a paid thirty minute Union orientation, and would accept the Employer’s proposals on rosters and joint training for management.  UAW maintained its proposal regarding compensation for bargaining a successor agreement, which would include compensation for five 50% ASEs for the two complete quarters during which bargaining occurs.

Hourly Pay Scale Transparency – UAW proposed that the University post hourly pay rates on appropriate department or hiring unit websites. The parties tentatively on this language.

Non-Discrimination and Harassment – UAW maintained its previous proposals on this article with the following exceptions:

Sexual Harassment and Prevention Training – In response to the MOU proposed by UW, and more recent discussions with both parties, UAW proposed detailed training elements related to content, timeline, training size and duration, and ASE hiring.  UAW maintained its proposal to include two 50% FTE ASEs each quarter to jointly administer the training with the University.  Some newly proposed elements include:

  • The trainings would include identification and discussion of intersectional power dynamics in ASE work situations and problematic behavior patterns.
  • A timeline that would begin within two months of contract ratification, start trial trainings in July-August 2018, and would include at least thirteen trainings in fall 2018, thirty-two trainings in winter 2019, and sixty-five trainings in spring 2019.
  • Every academic year thereafter, at least thirty-six trainings would be held each year, or enough to reach all new ASEs.
  • Trainings would be developed to last four hours, and would be conducted for groups of between six and forty ASEs at a time.
  • The University and the Union would jointly agree upon the ASEs who would be hired to conduct the trainings.

Equity Committees – UAW modified its proposal to say that the parties would jointly create equity committees in no less than ten departments or hiring units in academic year 2018-19.  Every year thereafter, the parties would jointly create equity committees in no less than ten additional departments or hiring units.  The proposal outlined committee goals and makeup, directed the timeline for meeting, and articulated the expected work product.

Complaint Process – After further discussions on April 5, the Union modified several aspects of its proposal regarding the complaint process.  Specifically, UAW withdrew their proposal that would require UCIRO to provide the Union a copy of all reports involving an ASE within seven days of completion.  The Union proposed that a grievance alleging a violation of the non-discrimination and harassment article must be filed within 365 calendar days from the occurrence. UAW adjusted the amount of time proposed for the Employer to review a complaint and determine whether a prima facie case has been made, from one to three days.  The Union also adjusted the amount of proposed time for the Employer to conclude an investigation, from twenty-one to sixty days.

Grievance Procedure – UAW maintained its proposal on the grievance procedure article to include incorporating the existing MOU on standing arbitrations into the body of the contract.

MOU: Immigration Status and Work Authorization – UAW maintained its proposal to extend this MOU which would require the parties to meet four times per calendar year in 2019 and 2020 to discuss issues arising from academic student employment, immigration status, and work authorization.  The parties tentatively agreed on this language.

UW Package Proposal Response 

  • UW rejected the Union’s package proposal.
  • The parties reached a tentative agreement on the hourly pay scale transparency article stating that the University shall post all hourly pay rates on department or hiring unit websites beginning fall 2018.
  • UW maintained its proposal to strike the MOU on standing arbitrations.
  • The parties reached a tentative agreement on extending the MOU: Immigration Status and Work Authorization.
  • UW will present a counter-proposal on the non-discrimination and harassment article at an upcoming bargaining session.

Optional Practical Training Discussion

The parties discussed the Post-completion Training Fee for graduating graduate students and/or alumni who are applying for Optional Practical Training (OPT).  The Post-completion Training Fee was announced earlier this year but has not yet been implemented.  OPT provides graduating students with F-1 visa status an opportunity for hands-on work experience (work authorization) related to the academic field of study.  The fee will be collected by International Student Services when graduating students apply for an applicable U.S. government training authorization program.  The fee can be paid up to ninety days in advance of graduation or up to sixty days following graduation, but only international students that have completed their degree program are eligible for full-time OPT.

For more information on OPT and the Post-Completion Training Fee, please refer to the relevant International Student Services page.

Next Steps

The next UW-UAW bargaining sessions are scheduled for April 11 and April 12.