Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for July 6, 2016 (WFSE-specific Session)

This recap summarizes the fifth session for the renewal of UW’s collective bargaining agreement with WFSE for the 2017-19 contract term. This was the second WFSE-specific session, in addition to the three sessions to date that UW has negotiated with SEIU 925 and WFSE as a union coalition.


The unions’ proposals to date would cost roughly $84.4 million over two years, according to UW’s cost estimates. This does not include more traditional economic proposals, such as market adjustments, premiums, and general wage increases, which the unions have not yet delivered. While this meeting was scheduled as a WFSE-specific session, an SEIU 925 representative attended and delivered proposals applicable to the SEIU 925/WFSE coalition.

UW Proposals

UW delivered language specific to the WFSE contract:

Custodian Compensation – UW proposed consolidating the WFSE language on the infection control premium for medical center custodians and custodian lead assignments into the body of the contract.

Union Proposals

A representative from SEIU 925 attended this session, and proposals were delivered on behalf of the SEIU 925/WFSE coalition.

Holidays – The unions proposed that employees receive holiday pay according to the length of their shift (minimum eight hours), instead of the standard eight hours per holiday for full-time employees.

The unions rejected UW’s proposals to clarify personal holiday by separating it from the state holidays as it is presented in other WFSE CBAs. The unions also declined UW’s proposal to move language on faith/conscience leave into parts of the contracts that are more reflective of these leave types and organized in a manner that is consistent with other state employee collective bargaining agreements.

Resignation and Abandonment – The unions proposed to give employees 48 hours to withdraw a resignation (increased from the current 24 hours), and to exclude scheduled days off and holidays from this calculation. The unions also proposed increasing the timeline in which an employee could submit a written petition for reinstatement, from 10 days to 20 days.

Polygraph Testing – The unions rejected UW’s proposal to remove redundant language, explaining their belief that it is cause for skepticism whenever the Employer proposes deleting contract language. To date, the unions have rejected all of UW’s proposed language clean-up.

Classifications and Reclassification – The unions proposed allowing for requests to reclassify an employee to be based on a belief that their position is not adequately covered under the existing classification system, and that a classification needs to be newly-created or substantially revised.

The unions also proposed a 45 day notice requirement for both unions when UW creates, eliminates, or modifies class specifications, or reclassifies an occupied bargaining unit position into a non-bargaining unit position.

Next Steps

The next SEIU 925-specific bargaining session is scheduled for July 13, and the next SEIU 925 and WFSE coalition session scheduled for July 15. The next WFSE-specific session is scheduled for August 17.