Labor Relations

UW Secures Wage Increases for Power Plant Electrician High Voltage Jobs: May 20, 2016

After identifying a recruitment and retention issue, UW has secured pay increases and a newly-created job class for high voltage electricians at the UW Power Plant.

UW proposed these increases to WFSE Local 1488, and worked with the union on where to place affected employees on new pay ranges. On May 20, UW and WFSE formalized an agreement on the following new job classifications and pay ranges (all on pay table BL):

  • Power Plant Electrician High Voltage (8831): Increase from range 57G to range 66G.
  • Power Plant Electrician High Voltage Lead (8835): Increase from range 62G to range 69G.

Employees will be placed at a step on the new pay range that is nearest to 5 percent greater than their current salary.