Labor Relations

Weeks in Review: November 9 – 22, 2014

The first union-specific bargaining meetings began during the past two weeks, commencing with the Service Employees International Union, Local 925 (SEIU 925), and the Washington Federation of State Employees, Local 1488 (WFSE). For a summary of the matters discussed and the materials exchanged, please find attached the following documents:

  • Summary of UW-SEIU 925 Bargaining Meeting on 11/21/14
  • Leave Accruals Information Sheet
  • Questions and Answers as of November 26: This Q&A is a compilation of questions that arose during bargaining meetings over the last two weeks, and the answers represent our best understanding of these matters based on what we know currently.
  • Summary of UW-WFSE Bargaining Meeting on 11/14/14
  • Summary of UW-SEIU 925 Bargaining Meeting on 11/12/14