Labor Relations

Meeting Summary: July 22, 2014

Status of Project

UW provided an overview of the current status of the HR/P Modernization project. The project is currently in the middle of the design phase, which consists of three periods:

  1. Initial design (completed)
  2. Detail design sessions (currently in its third week)
  3. Design reviews (slated to begin in late-September)

The design phase will conclude on October 31.

Accruals – UW introduced potential future changes to how leave is accrued. UW explained that while employees currently accrue on a monthly basis, in an actual time reporting method, leave balances will accrue based on eligible hours (e.g., hours worked and other paid times off). Under this method, sick leave and vacation leave would be available sooner, at the end of each pay period, but the accrual would vary based on how much the employee worked/used paid time off.

Union Engagement

Informational Sessions: While this was the last of the scheduled informational sessions, the parties agreed on the need to schedule additional sessions to discuss how employees will accrue leave and what the University’s official work week will be with Workday.

Notice and Demands to Bargain: UW announced its intent to initiate discussions and bargaining over issues specific to each of the unions in the near future.

Next Steps

Questions that have arisen throughout these discussions can be found in the HR/P Labor Relations Frequently Asked Questions, and full details on the project are located on the HR/Payroll Modernizationwebsite. The date of the next HR/P Labor Discussion is currently being determined. Union participation and input in these meetings is strongly encouraged, and the University is providing paid release time for designated employees to attend.