Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for January 11, 2013

This recap details the 12th bargaining session between the UW and AFT.

UW Counter-Proposals

Probationary Period
UW proposed that employees in the probationary period be notified of their probationary status before the publication of the teaching schedule for the quarter following their “Probation Completion Meeting.”
UW accepted AFT’s proposal for “teaching in at least two different programs” to constitute one way for an extension lecturer to demonstrate their qualifications to exit the probationary period.
UW moved previously proposed language on “emergency layoff” to this article. UW also further defined it, clarifying that a financial emergency comprises a drop in IELP’s enrollment of 33 percent or more.
Reassigned Time, Lead Teacher, and Specialist Positions
UW upheld its proposed language, clarifying that time in reassignment positions is to be teaching-related. UW agreed to increase its previously proposed limit on reassignment time from one-third of a full-time load to one-half.
UW maintained its proposed examples of reassignment, and put forth language clarifying that reassigned positions can be revoked at the discretion of the IELP Senior Director.

AFT Counter-Proposals

Personnel Files
AFT upheld its proposal granting extension lecturers the right to see and initial all documents and materials before they are put in their personnel file.
Leaves of Absence
AFT proposed integrating language on bereavement leave from the IELP Operations Manual. AFT also maintained its proposal to grant extension lecturers one additional paid day off per quarter for autumn, winter, and spring quarters.
Job Descriptions/Workload
AFT rejected UW’s proposal to establish the use of UWEO-provided email accounts for work-related correspondence as a core job responsibility, and the UW’s proposed notion of “advanced-level contributions.”
AFT also proposed that extension lecturers no longer be required to prepare tests or conduct their own instructor/course evaluations.
Academic Freedom
AFT maintained its proposal to guarantee that no restrictions could be placed on the content taught by each extension lecturer or on the conduct of their class.

Next Steps

The next UW-AFT bargaining session is scheduled for January 25.