Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for November 30, 2012

This recap details the eleventh bargaining session between the UW and AFT.

AFT Counter-Proposals

Probationary Period
AFT proposed that decisions regarding the non-renewal of an appointment during the probationary period not be subject to grievance and arbitration.
AFT proposed that extension lecturers who return to IELP after an absence of more than two years, but who have previously completed their probationary period, be placed in a shortened probationary period of no more than three quarters.
Grievance and Arbitration Procedures
AFT declined UW’s proposal to prevent the same grievance from being submitted more than once, and proposed that prior to a grievance meeting, IELP management notify the union of who will be in attendance.
AFT also proposed language stipulating that while an extension lecturer could enter into discussion of problem resolution without the union, AFT would still be notified and given the opportunity to be present at the settlement.
Reassigned Time Lead Assignment and Specialist Positions
AFT declined UW’s proposed language stating that reassigned time is intended to be teaching-related.
AFT proposed language memorializing the role of Lead Teachers and Specialists, two existing fixed-term positions that extension lecturers may assume. Lead Teachers provide instructional support and contribute to curriculum development for one or more courses, while Specialist positions fill special needs within IELP.

Tentative Agreement

Article 5: Non-Discrimination
The parties tentatively agreed to language that affirms their mutual commitment to not discriminate against any employee based on specified demographics, which includes discrimination in the form of sexual harassment.
The language also highlights resources available to any employee in need of filing a discrimination complaint.

Further Dialogue

AFT voiced concern that UW’s proposal to not count summer-only instruction toward completion of the probationary period could be exclusionary.

UW explained that occasionally incoming instructors intend to only work summer quarters at the IELP until they complete their probationary period, all the while holding a “primary” job elsewhere during the rest of the year. UW clarified that its proposal is intended to prevent this scenario from occurring.