Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for August 9, 2012

This recap details the fifth session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and WFSE, and the first session facilitated by a neutral mediator.

Scope of Negotiations

The discussion primarily revolved around trying to reach consensus on both parties’ proposals regarding the following articles:

Article 7: Union Dues Deduction and Union Security
The parties continued the discussion regarding notification functions for new employees of their union dues obligations and the roles that UW and WFSE take in this process.
Article 8: Contract Distribution
The parties continued discussions regarding the roles of UW and WFSE in printing, distributing, and having copies of the contract available online and in hard copy.
Article 26: Health and Safety
The parties continued discussion surrounding union participation in L&I visits and protocol around workplace reviews.

Tentative Agreements

Article 32: Child/Dependent Care
The parties tentatively agreed to UW’s proposed updates to reflect the current practice, removing outdated references to the UW WorkLife office.
Article 35.2: Bereavement Leave
The parties tentatively agreed to new language allowing more flexibility for employees who are utilizing bereavement leave.
Appendix X
The parties tentatively agreed to add Unit Supply Technicians and Unit Supply Inventory Control Specialists to the list of job classes eligible for health care professional technical premium pay.

Next Steps

The next UW/WFSE bargaining session is scheduled for August 17.