Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for April 9, 2012

This recap details the second bargaining session held between the UW and the AFT.

Follow Up from Previous Meeting

UW began by explaining that it had reviewed AFT’s initial proposals thoroughly, and looks forward to seeing a more comprehensive version of the proposed contract before responding to specific provisions.

AFT requested detailed financial information regarding the distribution of IELP revenues. In response, the UW renewed its offer to arrange a meeting between AFT and Assistant Vice Provost Clark Westmoreland to provide insight into the financial structure of IELP and UW Educational Outreach as a whole.

New Proposals

AFT presented three articles standard to collective bargaining agreements, outlining union rights, employee rights, and personnel files.

Two sections within the proposed personnel files article were discussed in detail.

Section 2 – Placement of Material:
AFT proposed a requirement that UW alert and seek approval from extension lecturers before placing any materials in their personnel files.
UW stated its support for employees having access to their own personnel files. UW voiced concern over possibly increasing the administrative burden surrounding personnel files.
Section 3 – Omission of Grievances:
AFT proposed that any reference to grievances be withheld from extension lecturers’ personnel files.
UW pointed out that grievances themselves are not kept in employee personnel files. However, to maintain consistency, context, and a legitimate audit trail, it cannot omit or remove any mention of a significant event that may have been related to a grievance.

Further Dialogue

AFT questioned why IELP classrooms are not assigned to a consistent and uniform location.

UW explained that this reflects the supply and demand reality of IELP’s business. Such self-supporting units must regularly adjust operations to fit the extent and the nature of the demand for their programming.

AFT committed to sending more proposed contract materials prior to the next scheduled session.

The next UW/AFT bargaining session is scheduled for April 23.