HR for FT

PROJECT CHARTER – HR support for FT-related staffing

Last updated: January 2023.

Project Description and Roles

With the implementation of Workday Finance nearing, UWHR has committed to executive leadership to provide clients with added support and reduction of barriers related to staffing needs and to ensure that any organizational changes that result in layoffs or position reductions are done in coordination with Employee Relations.

The compressed timeframe in which positions need to be hired will compound challenges hiring managers already face in recruiting finance and IT positions, including salary constraints and historic hiring volumes for other UW positions. These realities will require the UWHR Recruitment and Compensation Teams, and the ISC to work as efficiently as possible.

FT Change Management (OCM) provides a “full spectrum” approach toward unit readiness– inclusive of stakeholder engagement, communications, training and measurement, and also supports the structural and organizational changes units will need to meet program transformation goals at go-live. UWHR is responsible for the “personnel” actions that are the result of OCM’s efforts.

Goals and Objectives

Staffing is a key success factor in the implementation phase of UW Finance Transformation. It is critical that UWHR’s role in supporting the program and our clients through this effort is seen as proactive and responsive.

  1. Deploy the Employee Relations team to understand client staffing plans, including whether they require position eliminations or reductions, and support clients in processing position eliminations and reductions
  2. Provide PSPD templates for common position types
  3. Develop a tracking mechanism for UWHR and ISC teams to identify which positions are identified as FT critical
  4. Elevate FT-related positions to the top of queues for compensation and campus recruitment teams; FT-related positions in the med centers are centralized and will continue to be worked on by their designated recruiter
  5. Develop and execute recruitment strategy to build pipeline of candidates for common position types
  6. Evaluate and streamline the process flow for position review, position creation, reclassification and salary offer evaluation
  7. Utilize FT and HR channels to share HR effort, understand client realties in real time and collaborate as needed to address concerns
  8. (ADDED: January 2023): Provide support and resources to UWFT program staff seeking to apply for sustainment-related positions or move into other UW roles following the conclusion of their UWFT appointment.

Project roles

  • Sponsor: Mindy Kornberg
  • Stakeholders: Andreas Bohman, Chris Mercer, Margaret Shepherd
  • Project managers: Kimberly Mishra, Gwyneth Parmar
  • Client outreach and restructure support: Erin Rice and Lisa Hanna
  • Tech solutions and ISC liaison: Rachel Gatlin
  • Process improvement: Marisa Graudins
  • Compensation: Randy West
  • Recruitment: Kathleen Farrell (campus); Curtis Colvin (med centers)
  • Internal FT liaison: Jennifer Thomson

FT-related staffing timeline

Mid Dec. UW-IT Support Model staffing plan complete
End of Dec: security role mapping complete (pushed to end of Jan?)
Jan – Feb: anticipated surge in hiring requests
End of Feb: majority of shared/local environment positions hired
March: onboarding
April: WD training begins
July: go live