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Research Engineer/Scientist 2 - Job Code 11493

General Characteristics: This is the intermediate level - developing/maturing professional - may be entry level for PhD who has equivalent experience related to area of specialization. Independently evaluates, selects and applies standardized scientific or engineering procedures and techniques; assignments have clear and specified objectives, and require the investigation of a limited number of variables. Incumbent relies on limited experience and exercises judgment within defined procedures and practices in making minor adaptations and modifications. Performance at this level requires developmental experience in a professional position, or equivalent graduate level education.

Knowledge: Knows and effectively uses the fundamental concepts, practices and procedures of a particular field of specialization; continues development of technical expertise and knowledge through experience and application.

Direction received: Assigned work under general guidance; receives instruction on specific assignment objectives, complex features, and possible solutions. Assistance is furnished on unusual problems, and work is reviewed for application of sound professional judgment.

Typical duties and responsibilities: Performs work that involves conventional types of plans, investigations, systems, structures, or equipment with relatively few complex features or for which there are precedents. Performs tasks/projects of a larger scope; may lead specific tasks within the project scope; scopes tasks and develops approaches for moderately difficult tasks; takes responsibility for assuring quality, cost effectiveness and timeliness for small projects. Assists in preparation of reports, papers, presentations, new proposals, etc. , and may collaborate on some; presents papers at technical meetings. Continues to enhance capabilities for project planning, including assessment of cost, scope and schedule against plan; implements new systems/approaches for moderately difficult tasks/projects. Has established networks in internal peer group; starts becoming part of identifiable external peer network. Interacts in a collaborative manner with other team members to accomplish organizational goals; provides ideas to improve efficiency at group level. Participates in procurement of additional/new funding through contributions to technical proposal preparation and/or presentations. Contributes to positive co-worker/customer/investigator relationships through efficient interaction on current grants/projects.

Responsibility for directing others: Monitors the work of junior staff to ensure that correct procedures are followed; provides direction to assure completion of technical tasks and projects.

Education requirement, minimum: Bachelor's or Master's degree or higher in an appropriate field.

Experience requirement, minimum: Two to four year's experience in a related area or equivalent.