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Specification for Class



11851 (NE S 6 SEIU 925 IHME Non Supv)


Within the Institute for Health Metrics Evaluation (IHME), carry out administrative and programmatic aspects of engaging and communicating with a wide variety of audiences through various forms of media and communication tools for advancing the uptake and use of IHME’s data in order to support the Institute's research mission.


Advance data uptake by supporting Global Engagement team processes for building a global collaboration network that participates in IHME research and supporting the processes for publishing and monitoring effectiveness of IHME data outputs and tools through various global communication outlets.


Under general supervision, enhance the company's mission and brand through engaging in collaborator partnership development, audience acquisition strategies, and content creation related to IHME campaigns and overall research agenda. Administer IHME websites, data visualization tools, social media, apps, etc. and the publication of print materials. Work with developers to optimize, scale, and automate digital channel acquisitions, and publish content to IHME’s website, intranet, and other IHME linked websites.


Enhance IHME’s brand on social media by developing partnerships with global collaborators, engaging in audience acquisition strategies, and creating social media and web content;

Identify, experiment with, and test all forms of communication platforms to identify ways inform the public, stakeholders and partner organizations about IHME;

Administer IHME websites, data visualization tools, social media, apps, etc. and the publication of print materials; Work with developers to optimize, scale, and automate digital channel acquisitions;

Publish content to the IHME’s website, intranet, and other IHME linked websites;

Increase the Institute’s impact and presence amongst stakeholders through channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Issuu, blogs, RSS feeds, etc.;

Update the digital communication tracking and monitoring system, using a variety of tools to capture web analytics and social outreach campaigns;

Assist with webcasting of meetings through various digital mediums. Record and publish materials as needed;

Maintain a list of published content on the IHME website and intranet, including a system for regularly checking content that needs frequent updating, including the IHME team page, faculty bios, project pages, and home page features;

Conduct regular user interface (UI) studies to ensure that IHME is reaching its primary audience through the internet;

Create video, photography, and motion graphics to help bring campaign concepts to life through engaging content;

Assist in the development and implementation of the Network membership plan, including facilitating opportunities for Collaborators to participate in all stages of the research, supporting recruitment and retention, monitoring Collaborator engagement, and managing growth of the Network;

Manage the collaborator enrollment process including preparing recruitment materials, presentations, maintaining the open call, intake applications, orienting collaborators, and providing proof of membership upon request;

Develop and maintain an annual calendar of engagement activities;

Coordinate requests for and review of Collaborator feedback on data, methods, results, and publications. Triage, resolve, and respond to requests from collaborators and external stakeholders;

Provide administrative support for faculty and staff members conducting webinars, meetings, and calls with collaborators around the world to include organizing, scheduling and preparing materials;

Utilize CRM software to maintain records of interactions with collaborators, prepare reports, update records, track outcomes, monitor trends, leads, and results ensuring complete accuracy of data;

Oversee the production of and contribute to development of Acting on Data posts and other content on online platforms;

Develop clear and diplomatic messaging strategies to inform collaborators of progress and developments within the study;

Manage key communication channels and correspondence from collaborators. Route and respond to questions and requests, ensuring timely response for all inquiries. Field requests to staff and faculty as appropriate;

Provide logistical and communications support to organized media or stakeholder campaigns regarding papers, press briefings, and conferences, or related activities as needed;

Write, edit, and improve upon web-based materials available to external stakeholders and individuals in the collaborator network;

Provide support to events, media campaigns, and related activities in regards to the collaborator network as needed. Assist with travel arrangements and expense reports;

Be able to communicate effectively with external audiences and stakeholders with accurate knowledge and understanding of IHME’s mission, key goals, results, key messages and future implications; and

Perform other duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, Communication, Mathematics, Engineering, Public Health, or related field plus one year of work experience.


Equivalent combination of education/experience.


Public Information.


New to SEIU 925 11-10-2020 per PERC Case No. 132072-E-19.
Prior to 01-01-2021, this work in IHME was in professional staff job code 19736, Public Information Specialist NE S 6.