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Earn Type informational pages are provided as a historical reference tool for eligibility and rate information. If you have questions on how pay is processed in Workday, please contact the Integrated Service Center (ISC) or call 206-543-8000

Earnings Type When Is It Used? Employment Type(s)/Limitations How Calculated / FTE / How Initiated


Student Flat Fee Earnings w/o OASI

(No Social Security taxes deducted)

Payment of a fixed amount to a UW student employee based on a price agreed upon for production of a product rather than hours worked (must be approved by UW Payroll Office).

Payment is not subject to Social Security taxes:

  • For Undergraduates when credits are equal to or greater than 6.
  • For Graduates when credits are equal to or greater than 5.
  • For thesis/dissertation students (700-800 course) when credits are equal to or greater than 2.

(See SFO if credits taken fall below these limits.)

Undergraduate Student

Graduate Student

No limitations within designated employment types.

Amount made as a single payment or added to gross wages


Request Instructions and Form

UW computer payroll system automatically changes SFF to SFO when credits are below the limit.