Human Resources

Referral and consultation service

When you are concerned about an aging parent or loved one, talk to an experienced elder care professional who works to understand your situation and provide guidance. Call UW CareLink to get advice you can trust and the extra support you need.

UW CareLink connects you with an elder care professional who help you:

  • Clarify current health concerns
  • Develop a personalized care approach
  • Learn how to advocate for loved ones
  • Locate direct-care services
  • Find options for further assessment and treatment
  • Address your own stress

Call UW CareLink at 866-598-3978 FREE. (For TDD 800-697-0353).

Find more elder care resources on the UW CareLink website. It features articles, videos, and FAQs about nursing homes, home-based care, retirement housing, physical and emotional health, and other topics that help you care for an aging parent or friend. To access these resources, visit UW CareLink and if not already registered, under the register tab, enter UW for the organization code.