Disability Services Office

Functional Requirements: Invoices Created Using Invoicing Software

The following is a list of functional requirements for vendors using an invoicing software to bill the University of Washington. These requirements include format requirements as well as an outline of the specific information each invoice needs to include.

  1. Software must be able to calculate math automatically
  2. No reference to TIN (tax identification number) or SSN
  3. Style Requirements of All Invoices:
    • Must be in table format
    • Must meet all functional requirements
    • Font size: 9-14 pt
  4. Invoice Header Section to include:
    • Interpreter Name
    • Contact Information: Mailing address, Email address, Phone/fax number (NOTE: DO NOT add SSN, UBI, or Tax TIN numbers to invoice)
  5. Contractual Hourly Rates Listed on invoice:
    • Daytime rate
    • Evening rate
    • Weekend/Holiday rate
  6. Invoice Number
  7. Invoice Date
  8. DSO Information: Disability Services Office, 4300 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
  9. One assignment listed per line
  10. Retained time listed as a separate line item
  11. Invoice Line Format (body of invoice) – Invoice line item format should mirror the example below and include all information outlined below:
Date of Assignment Start Time End Time Assignment Description (indicate if this is a 2 hr minimum or retained time charge) Client Name Hours Invoiced (aka duration of assignment) Hourly Rate Assignment Line Total


12. Total of Invoice (Total amount invoiced to the UW)