Distinguished Staff Award

Every year, the DSA Selection Committee has the fun but difficult task of reviewing every nomination letter. Here are some tips to help your nominee stand out:

  • Provide concrete examples of the nominee’s exceptional performance. Please tell us why this particular employee shines.
  • Quote examples of the nominee’s outstanding qualities as stated by others.
  • Submit letters composed by groups of supporters.
  • Solicit many supporting letters and submit the best two.

The most successful nominations provide support letters from more than one constituency. Support letters can come from:

  • Coworkers
  • Supervisors
  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Peers
  • Other UW-Affiliated Individuals

One last tip regarding support letters: make sure the support letters are in a format that you can copy and paste into our online nomination form. Word and text-only documents work best. PDFs don’t work as well unless you’re able to copy and paste.

Nominating Individuals

The Distinguished Staff Award is open to any UW staff member in a 50% or greater regular appointment and employed at UW for a minimum of six months as of the nomination deadline.

You will also be asked to explain how your nominee provides extraordinary service beyond their basic job description and demonstrates the University of Washington values of integrity, diversity, excellence, collaboration, innovation and respect. You will be also asked to explain how your nominee:

  • Provides superior sustained service or a special one-time contribution to the mission of the unit or University
  • Continually contributes to a respectful, diverse, and collaborative work environment
  • Exhibits exceptional resourcefulness, innovation, or creativity, and exemplifies excellence and integrity in workplace relationships, interactions, and decision-making

Nominating Teams

The Distinguished Staff Team Award is open to teams that primarily are made up of staff, but faculty, grad students and student workers may also be nominated as part of a team.

You will be asked to explain how the team members provide extraordinary service beyond the basic job description, and how their work as a team demonstrates the University of Washington values of integrity, diversity, excellence, collaboration, innovation and respect.

Individual team members must be identified and each individual’s contribution must be described. A team may be nominated for:

  • An extraordinary accomplishment, demonstrated by the completion of a special work project or activity during the last year
  • A superior, sustained effort that contributed significantly to the mission of one or more units of the University as a whole.