Working during COVID-19

Suspension of non-essential hiring

Updated April 9, 2020

Departments are encouraged to use sound judgement in recruitment and hiring during the COVID-19 emergency. This guidance applies to all recruitments for regular and limited term classified non-union, contract covered, and professional staff, student hourly employees, temporary staff (including direct hire and UTemp) positions, regardless of funding source and work location.

Current recruitments

In general, recruitments that already underway as of March 24, 2020 may continue if the department considers the position necessary for successful operational continuity. Hiring managers should continue to follow their department’s normal hiring process protocol.

New recruitments

Departments are encouraged to not open new recruitments unless it is determined that the position is necessary for successful operational continuity or meets one or more of the following “critical hire” criteria:

  • Enables medical centers and clinics to maintain safe operations and are critical to public safety.
  • Ensures student, patient or staff health or safety.
  • Maintains access to learning.
  • Maintains information technology and systems access for students or staff who are required to stay off campus.
  • Enables University research to continue.
  • Enables research units or laboratories to fulfill commitments under research grants or contracts.
  • Ensures compliance with state, federal or local laws or regulations.
  • Performs analysis to enable the University to access state or federal funds, including but not limited to special funding related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you are uncertain if a recruitment should move forward, please seek guidance from your HR administrator and/or your unit’s dean, vice president, vice provost or chancellor.