Working during COVID-19

Preparing for 2020 performance evaluations

Annual performance evaluations should be completed by August 17, 2020, or according to regular unit schedules.

As we navigate so many changes due to the COVID-19 crisis, it’s important to continue having regular conversations about performance. This helps individuals and organizations remain productive and moving forward through this challenging time.

Although telework is not a new concept, the remote work being done for social distancing has new challenges given current stresses and constraints. Supervisors may be managing remote work for the first time or developing new methods for their staff to accomplish work. Taking time to consider how these recent changes will shape conversations, feedback, and goal setting is important.

The flexibility, teamwork, and adaptability staff are demonstrating during this time are keeping teaching, operations, research, and administrative priorities moving forward across the UW. With several unprecedented weeks behind us, the timing of these conversations offers meaningful opportunity to highlight staff contributions and express gratitude.

Guidance and forms for conducting performance evaluations can be found here.

Special considerations for annual performance evaluations during COVID-19:

  • The impact of COVID-19 is not limited to our professional lives. Making room in these conversations to understand what staff are experiencing is especially important.
  • Staff are likely to need additional clarity and support during these circumstances, so this is a timely opportunity to explore those needs.
  • Evaluation of performance against goals set last year should consider whether they were impacted by the COVID-19.
  • Goal setting for the coming months should consider these extraordinary circumstances in order to set employees and departments up for success.
  • Although telework agreements are typically established or reviewed separately from performance meetings, this year may be an exception. Given the unplanned and extensive shift in work environments, remote work discussions and strategies are tied more closely to work plans.
  • Consider what platform you’ll use for these discussions (e.g. phone or UW Zoom), along with how signatures will be transmitted.
  • Updated policy, tools, and courses are available in a supervisory checklist for supporting remote work as part of the UWHR Working during COVID-19 website.

Thoughtful evaluations help employees identify opportunities for professional growth and reinforce the importance of their contributions to the University. Knowing one’s contributions matter to UW can greatly impact employee satisfaction and commitment. POD provides a wide array professional development resources that can be used to reward or enhance performance. Here are some of our favorites:

The innovative ways supervisors and staff are sharing and accomplishing work is something extraordinary to recognize. These discussions are an opportunity to look beyond what we are facing today, and forward to what is next.

For questions about performance evaluations or discussions, please contact your HR consultant.