Working during COVID-19

Teleworking during COVID-19


Guidance for supervisors, employees and departments designed to help set up temporary remote work arrangements quickly and successfully.

Supervisor checklist for supporting teleworking

Teleworking is strongly encouraged for positions with duties that can be performed at home. The following checklist will help you establish a foundation for effective teamwork, continued productivity, and service to the UW community.

Teleworking during COVID-19

If an employee can telework, they should be teleworking.

Tips for departments with widespread telework

Suggestions for departments and teams moving to telework quickly in response to COVID-19.

Teleworking tips for employees

Employees who telework often learn that working remotely is different than they expected and that it requires specific skills and habits. The following tips will help you get to work while at home.

Professional development and wellness while working from home

For employees whose regular job duties can’t be performed at home, this list of professional development and wellness activities will enhance job skills, further education, and help you take advantage of UW resources you may not have fully explored.