Working during COVID-19

Spring quarter 2020 academic student employee appointments must be honored

Academic student employee (ASE) appointments that have been offered and accepted by the ASEs must be honored. This includes research assistants (RAs), teaching assistants (TAs), and hourly ASEs.

With the University moving to remote learning for spring quarter, departments and PIs may need to reassign ASEs to work that changes their current job description or offer. This is allowable; however, ASEs should see no change to the compensation, benefits or tuition waiver outlined in their original offer with their reassignments. Per the ASE contract, ASEs that have been reassigned should be given an updated job description as soon as possible.

This ability to reassign to duties is applicable to all ASE position types (Ras, TAs, and hourly ASE). Examples:

  • TAs: reassigned to a different class, reassigned to a research assistant or staff assistant position.
  • RAs: reassigned work that can safely be performed at home, for example reading literature or writing protocols.
  • Hourly tutor: reassigned to a reader/grader position.
  • Hourly reader/grader: reassigned to a tutor position or if an undergrad, reassigned to an undergrad TA position.