Working during COVID-19

Recruitment and hiring during COVID-19

Updated June 1, 2020 to reflect COVID related changes.

Job candidates

Is the UW still hiring?
Yes, the UW remains open and is actively recruiting for over 1000 positions. Start your job search.

Are job interviews happening in-person or online?
Hiring managers are responsible for coordinating interviews, but in general, first interviews are usually by phone with follow-up interviews in-person or sometimes by phone or video conference. We recommend that the social distancing protocols from the Washington State Department of Health be followed during in-person interviews (don’t shake hands, sit 6 feet apart, etc.).

What if I don’t feel well on the day of my in-person interview?
If you are sick on the day of your interview, please contact the hiring manager to reschedule.

Are the positions you are hiring for required to work on campus or in the medical centers or can I work from home?
During the COVID-19 outbreak, telework is highly encouraged for positions with duties that can be accomplished remotely. However, many UW staff positions require you to be on campus or in our medical centers. From patient care and research to food workers and custodial staff, our greater community is counting on UW staff to provide on-site expertise and service.

Where can I learn more about the UW’s COVID-19 response measures?
The UW is continually updating a comprehensive list of FAQs related to COVID-19.

What tips do you have for candidates preparing for a virtual interview?

Test your technology(s) — Make sure your internet connection and video conferencing program are both working well prior to your interview.

Dress appropriately (if video conferencing) — Dressing for success is no less important for remote interviews. Dress smartly, like you would for an in-person interview, and ensure your surroundings are tidy.

Do your homework – Prepare just as you would for any other interview, rehearsing your responses to key interview questions and preparing your own questions for the interviewer.

Be personable — Make eye-contact and generally engage with the interviewer to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role (if video teleconferencing).

Remove distractions — Ensure you’re fully engaged with the interviewer by removing all distractions, including your cell phone.

Follow-up — Send a follow-up note to your interviewer, thanking them for their time.

Hiring managers

Find guidance on non-essential staff hiring.

What is best practice for interviewing during the COVID-19 outbreak?
In order to limit trips to campus, an option for hiring managers is to replace in-person interviews with phone or video interviews over Skype or Zoom. If in-person interviews are highly preferred, follow the Washington State Department of Health’s advice for social distancing. Don’t shake hands, sit 6-feet apart and make sure your interview space is clean with wipes and hand sanitizer readily available. Please contact your recruiter or employment specialist if you need more guidance.

How do I ensure a new hire’s I-9 is properly processed if my I-9 coordinator is working from home or my new hire will be teleworking?
Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has relaxed physical presence requirements associated with Form I-9 completion. Please review the I-9 completion requirements change webpage or contact your HR consultant with questions.

Are new employee orientations available during COVID-19?
UW Medicine’s new employee orientations will continue to take place as scheduled.

The in-person Welcome Day event for new University employees on the Seattle campus is on hiatus during the COVID-19 outbreak and replaced with ONE UW, which is an online onboarding checklist tool helping new staff on the Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma campuses prepare for their first day at work and beyond. Some Welcome Day presentations, such as Addressing Discrimination and Harassment, may be offered online and will be announced on the Welcome Day registration page when available. Seattle campus staff new to the UW will be encouraged to attend Welcome Day once sessions resume. Important note: UW employees must complete their online benefits selections within 31 days of their start date/benefits eligibility date.

What tips do you have for hiring managers preparing for a virtual interview?

Be prepared — As with any interview, familiarize yourself and other interviewers with the candidate’s resume and the job description to give the virtual interview the formality of an in-person one. Likewise, keep the candidate informed on who they’ll be interviewing with so they can prepare questions of their own. And, of course, make sure whatever technology you are using is working properly.

Communicate openly — Keep candidates well-informed at each stage of the interview process. Without being able to give them a warm, in-person reception, it’s especially important to show them their time and efforts are valued.

Remove distractions — Be respectful to the candidate and position yourself away from distractions, including your cell phone, as you would in an in-person interview.

Reinforce employer brand — Ensure interviewers at all stages of the recruitment process convey a consistent message about your agency’s mission and values.

Give the candidate time — Pause to ensure the candidate is done with their response, before moving onto the next question to account for time lags and lack of usual social cues.