Working during COVID-19

Managing student hourly employment

End employment date extensions and separations

Effective April 9, 2020, student hourly employees who are not covered by the United Auto Workers (UAW) collective bargaining agreement or employed under the Work Study program should be separated from University employment unless the employee’s department chooses to continue or extend the appointment because work exists for the employee to perform.

If work exists, end employment dates may be extended to reflect the expected duration of the assignment.

Separated student hourly employees may be eligible for Washington State unemployment insurance benefits administered through the Employment Security Department due to changes made in federal law in response to COVID-19.

Work Study student employees

Work Study students who are no longer able to fulfill the responsibilities of their work study position or who are experiencing a reduction in their scheduled hours should contact the Work Study Office to discuss options for replacing or supplementing their work study award with other forms of financial aid assistance prior to ending their appointment. The Work Study staff will then coordinate the appropriate actions with the student’s employer, including reconciling work study earnings and departmental share of charges.

Emergency aid

Each of the UW campuses has emergency aid available for students to assist with unexpected financial hardships that may disrupt their education or prevent them from earning their degrees.