Working during COVID-19

Child care

Child care options and resources

The University is actively working to add additional resources prioritized for employees essential for campus and medical center operations and don’t have other child care options. Updated as new resources become available.

Help a UW family in need of urgent child care

We welcome students and friends and family of UW employees to register to provide child care for UW employees in critical positions. During school and child care closures, one of the most critical and urgent problems we face is the lack of child care available to UW employees critical to providing care for those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, researching cures and keeping our medical centers and University safely operating.

Caregiving startup tips

Starting a new relationship with a child caregiver may be extra stressful during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Find best practice steps to follow when hiring a new child caregiver.

Tips for families during COVID-19

Most children will have already heard about the virus, so parents shouldn’t avoid talking about it and not talking about something can actually make kids worry more.

At-home learning resources

Useful websites or apps for young children and families provided by the UW College of Education.