Classified Non-Union Staff Pay Increases and Premium Pay Changes — Payroll Coordinators

Last updated: July 12, 2016.

December 10, 2014
Payroll Coordinators
UW Compensation Office
ACTION REQUIRED – November 16, 2014
Classified Non-Union (CNU) Pay Increases and Premium Pay Changes

This communication is to inform you of pay or premium increases for select classified non-union classifications that became effective November 16, 2014. These changes are the result of the University of Washington Special Pay Request approved at the November 13, 2014 meeting of the Director, State Human Resources, Washington State Office of Financial Management, and are explained below.

1. 11/16/2014 Health Care Special Pay Range Adjustments and Payscale Table Adjustments

The market pay range adjustments list provides summary information about classified non-union classifications that received market range special pay adjustments effective November 16, 2014. The list includes the following information:

  • Job Class and Job Title
  • Approximate Salary Increase %
  • Pay Table, Pay Range, Min Salary and Max Salary information effective November 16, 2014

Payscale table CB provides a copy of this expanded pay table which is effective November 16, 2014. While there is no change to existing payscale table values, you will see the addition of four new ranges, designated as ranges 47-50.

This revised information will be included in an upcoming compensation plan update on the web in January 2015.

2. Premium Pay Changes

The following premium pay earnings types for neonatal nurse practitioner work at UWMC were approved for a 5% increase effective November 16, 2014:

+ Change in rate from 20% to 25%

+ Change in rate from 20% to 25%

This revised information has been updated on the web.

3. Additional Information

Although the majority of these adjustments will be made automatically through the payroll system, there may be a few employees who are “OFF” step. These individuals will need to be reviewed on an individual basis for appropriate pay rates, and it is possible that they did not receive their adjustment in the December 10, 2014 paycheck. However, if any eligible employees were missed because they were “OFF” step, they may receive retroactive pay from the November 16, 2014 date. In addition, the appropriate HR Operations office has been provided with a list of all eligible employees.

Temporary Hourly Employees

While there are no increases for temporary employees in affected classes, they do need to be paid at least the minimum of the range for their job class.

Human Resources will notify departments if the December 10, 2014 payroll shows instances where a temporary hourly employee’s pay falls below the applicable minimum pay rate. Adjustments up to at least the minimum of the applicable pay range will be required with an effective date of November 16, 2014.

Effective Date Of Changes

PLEASE NOTE: All of the above-mentioned changes are effective November 16, 2014 and, as such, were reflected in employee paychecks until the December 10, 2014 payday.


Questions regarding these changes should be directed to the UW Compensation Office by email at