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UW Child Care Testimonials

UW parents comment below on how the UW Children’s Centers (UWCC) and other programs have helped them be their best in the workplace and at school.

WL Purple-shirted childen cropped“I have had three children attend the West Campus facility. This was a true benefit for my children and our family. As an employee, having my children on campus reduced the hustle and bustle associated with commuting families and allowed me to be more available to participate in their learning. I also had the benefit of interacting with other UW faculty and staff from multiple departments that I might not have otherwise, and this gave me a better appreciation of the work performed at UW. The quality of care provided was excellent and caring. Our children formed lasting friendships and transitioned into elementary school with the social, emotional, and educational readiness that all parents hope for.”

—Richard Masse, director of Evaluation and Administration, Center on Human Development and Disability

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“UWCC was instrumental in allowing me to thrive at work as my family grew. We joined the UWCC community when my oldest was 3 and my youngest was 7 months old. At the time, my mom was also undergoing cancer treatment. It was wonderful to know that my children were well loved and cared for at UWCC while I managed going back to work and taking care of my mom and my young family. During the first few months, I would visit my infant once daily. What a gift it was to spend precious time with my infant while also being able to zip back to my office in just a few minutes or run over to check on my mom at the UW Medical Center.”

—Dr. Joyce Yen, program/research manager, UW ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change


“I was lucky to secure a spot at a UW Children’s Center just after I was admitted to graduate school. Seven years later, my youngest daughter is finishing up preschool. Without child care, I would’ve had a difficult time achieving my lifelong goal of pursuing graduate education. The quality of care and education that both my girls received has been absolutely incredible. I literally have never worried about my daughters there. Knowing how difficult it is to secure child care, I was almost embarrassed to tell people that I had found a safe place where my children received an enriching education, and I had the time for school. I hope that more student parents have access to this type of setting for their children in the years ahead.”

—Wendy Lendrum, ARNP, ANP-BC, PMHNP-BC, UWMC Inpatient Palliative Care Service

“My husband and I are both physicians at the UWMC and HMC and we have two young children. I can’t tell you how much we depend on the sick child care benefit. A rough estimate is that it saved us from having to call in absent from work about one day a month. If we can’t show up for work, our patients are (understandably) upset and inconvenienced, as well as our coworkers who now have double work to take care of the patients we could not see. In our eyes, this benefit was and is crucial to our ability to perform our job.”

—Andrea Cheng-Hakimian, MD, attending physician, Neurology