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Child care at UW

The four on-campus University of Washington Children’s Centers (UWCC) provide child care to eligible faculty, staff, and students. The West Campus, Radford Court, Laurel Village, and Portage Bay locations each offer year-round care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Enrollment priority and tuition cost vary for each location, and you must put your name in the wait pool before enrolling.

Wait pool

All UW Children’s Centers are fully enrolled. As soon as possible, submit an application to add your name to the children’s center wait pool. There is a wait pool fee ($35 for students, $45 for staff and faculty), which covers all four centers.

Download the UW Children’s Centers Wait Pool Application form.

If you have questions about your wait pool status for any of the four centers, send an email to

Enrollment priority, eligibility and cost

The centers serve all eligible parents in the University community.

  • Eligible students enrolled and attending at least part time (undergrad/graduate: 6 credits; professional students: 5 credits).
  • Eligible employees have PEBB benefits-eligible appointments and work half-time or more OR have a University appointment of half-time or more, but are not PEBB eligible.

The children of faculty and staff have enrollment priority at the West Campus center while students’ children are given priority at Radford Court and Laurel Village. Portage Bay provides equal priority to faculty, staff and students. You may apply to be in the wait pool for all four locations.

For details regarding policies behind on-site child care center enrollment, see APS 51.1.

Tuition costs are shown in the tables below.

Current monthly tuition rates
Infant Toddler Preschool
Laurel Village and Radford Court
Priority 1
(students in family housing)
$1710 $1495 $1330
Priority 2
$1795 $1545 $1360
Priority 3
(faculty and staff)
$2090 $1855 $1590
West Campus
(faculty, staff, and students)
$2055 $1825 $1520
Portage Bay
(faculty, staff, and students)
$2080 $1855 $1590

Learn about UW children’s centers

The child care centers at West Campus, Radford Court, Laurel Village and Portage Bay are operated by Haggard Childcare Resources (HCR). Visit their website to learn more about Haggard Childcare Resource’s approach and to see photos, staff ratios, nutrition plans, and more details. You can also contact them directly to schedule a tour.

UWCC at West Campus

Licensed for 54 children.

University of Washington
Box 355650
3904 Cowlitz Road
Seattle, WA 98195-5650

UWCC at Radford Court

Licensed for 79 children.

6311 65th Ave NE
Suite 4300
Seattle, WA 98155

UWCC at Laurel Village

Licensed for 61 children.

4200 Mary Gates Memorial Dr. NE
Seattle, WA 98105

UWCC at Portage Bay

Licensed for 140 children.

3745 15th Ave. N.E.,
Seattle, WA 98105