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For the thousands of patients diagnosed every year with life-threatening blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, and blood diseases, a cure exists. Over the past 30 years, Be The Match has managed the largest and most diverse marrow registry in the world to save lives through transplant.

About 70% of patients don’t have a fully matched donor in their family and that’s when they turn to Be The Match. We have facilitated more than 92,000 transplants in our 30-year history, giving patients across the country hope for a second chance at life.

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You can help make sure EVERY patients finds a match by joining the Registry or making a financial gift!

Funding helps us:

  • Grow and diversify our Be The Match Registry®
  • Provide financial assistance to patients in need to increase access to transplant
  • Accelerate research to make transplant safer and find cures for more patients in need

Mary (recipient) & Landon (donor)

Thousands of patients are still waiting to find the volunteer donor who will save their life. Visit the UW Combined Fund Drive and make a donation today. To learn more about how to join the Be The Match Registry, visit join.BeTheMatch.org/UW.