UW Combined Fund Drive

Why I give

A few testimonials from colleagues and why they give:

I am privileged to be able to share with others who could benefit from additional resources. I think it’s important to value our differences, but remember that we are more alike than we are different. I have experienced times of need and been blown away at the generosity of others, and I want to continue to pay it forward.
~ Ashlee Hooten, HR Labor Relations

It’s important to support our community. CFD provides an easy way to give in a consistent manner with thousands of opportunities to choose from. I give to the organizations that touch my heart with their mission.
~ Jeannette, UW Finance Transformation

It’s important to be a good steward in the community. By giving to charity, we are sharing what we have with others who do not have something that they need. It could be a meal, an opportunity to provide their child with a small gift during the holidays or may even lead to a better life for them in the future.
~ Betty, Radiology

It feels good. Also, I myself and some family used some of the services and organizations at times of need. I give to those charities that I know make a difference.
~ Tracy Knotts, HR Total Benefits

Currently, I am donating to Housing Hope, an organization that offers various housing types for people without homes and/or low-income households in Snohomish County. This organization is one of many that my mother turned to when trying to rebuild her life after struggles with substance abuse. Ultimately my mother needed more than this organization could offer, but the glimmer of hope they can offer many families who are struggling is sometimes all it takes to keep going. That’s a cause I am proud to support.
~ Anonymous

I believe humans (and animals) are one giant community, and that each of us has likely been positively impacted by the generosity of a stranger at some point in our lives. Finding a path to return that generosity is an important part of being a positive contributor to our whole community ecosystem. Giving is part of being a good human.
~ Jennifer McCullar, CoMotion

Why I giveā€¦.really I am a bit of a selfish person; an example: when my kids were little I used to hide behind the kitchen counter to eat ice cream so they would not see me, so I would not have to share. Sometimes it is hard to give or find the right situation. The Combined Fund Drive puts me in control, I choose who and when, and how much. So, to counterbalance my own known selfish ways, I like to give back, but on my own terms (see, still selfish!)
~ Lisa NordLund, College of the Environment

In honor of Giving Tuesday, I’d like to mention my own favorite charity, which is the Northwest Film Forum. I support NWFF through annual membership fees, via regular payroll deduction (University of Washington Combined Fund Drive), using Amazon Smile and by paying for classes and screenings. I believe that story is at the foundation of the human experience, and that film is one of the most powerful mediums we have for sharing stories. NWFF exemplifies the community-driven filmmaking collective, and makes me proud to be part of the Seattle filmmaking community.
~ Clif Johnston, HR Information Services