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Social Justice

March 1, 2021

Choose to Challenge this International Women’s Day

Contributed by Noam Soker, UWCFD Intern International Women’s Day, celebrated March 8, marks a time to celebrate the achievements made by girls and women. We highlight the progress made and reflect on how women’s rights have changed. International Women’s Day reminds us that women’s right are human rights and gender parity uplifts all. This day…

February 2, 2021

In Celebration of Black History Month

“Black History Month shouldn’t be treated as though it is somehow separate from our collective American history. It’s about the lived, shared experience of all African Americans . . . and how those experiences have shaped and challenged and ultimately strengthened America.” – President Barack Obama, February 2016 Following 2020’s Black Lives Matter movement, these…

November 23, 2020

Reframing Thanksgiving

The nuances of the Thanksgiving story have changed the way many of us celebrate. The story is no longer a commemoration of a shared meal between pilgrims and Native Americans. We recognize that many of us are colonizers and such have put our interests ahead of Indigenous people’s interests. Even as we move toward a…

October 27, 2020

Democracy In Action: How to Get Involved

It’s election season and many conversations are happening on the topic of civic engagement. Democracy in Action (DiA) looks different for everyone; it can be voting, reading the news, volunteering with a community center, and advocating for community goals. One way to support the community and the many efforts to pursue DiA is by donating…

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