UW Combined Fund Drive

Last Week to Give

November 30 – December 4, 2020

Each year, we endeavor to engage our donors in one last push as the campaign draws to a close. This year, like everything else about the 2020 campaign, we’re virtual. It’s easy to participate in daily challenges and win great prizes!

Day 1: Monday, November 30
UWCFD Loves Northwest Harvest Day

Northwest Harvest is our 2020 featured charity and serves as Washington’s own statewide hunger relief agency with a network of 375 food banks, meal programs and high-need schools.

Challenge: Share your favorite holiday recipe. Post on social media and tag us @UWCFD or send us a photo over email to glasee@uw.edu. Participants will be entered to win a swag bag from NW Harvest! 

Call to action: Donate the amount of money you would have spent on this new favorite to NW Harvest or donate the ingredients (or similar) to the collection boxes in the UW Tower on the fourth floor. 

Day 2: Tuesday, December 1
UWCFD Loves Animals

Here at the UWCFD, we loves animals, and we’re pretty sure most of you do, too. Show us your fur babies or wild animal friends and help spread the love.

Challenge:¬†Post a photo of your pet or a cute animal and tag us¬†on social @UWCFD¬†or send an email to¬†glasee@uw.edu. We will share your photos on our social media pages and participants will be entered to win an animal lovers’ swag bag!

Call to action: Donate to one of these animal organizations: Seattle Humane Society, Woodland Park Zoo, Wolf Haven International, Summit Assistant Dogs or another of your choice.

Day 3: Wednesday, December 2
UWCFD Loves the UW COVID19 Employee Emergency Fund Day 

The UW COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund was launched in April by UW Human Resources and University Advancement. Since that time, the generous donations from UW faculty and staff have provided hundreds of small grants to employees facing financial hardships due to COVID-19 for household, healthcare and childcare expenses.

Challenge: Post a picture with a mask on¬†or your Husky Strong shirt on. Tag us @UWCFD or email to¬†glasee@uw.edu. We will share your photos on our social media and participants will be entered to win a swag bag from The Whole U including a Husky Strong t-shirt to give as a gift (or a second shirt for yourself – we don’t judge!)!

Call to action: Donate to the UW COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund or buy a Husky Strong Shirt. 

Day 4: Thursday, December 3
Charity Crush

If you’ve attended any of our Lunch & Learns this campaign, you might have discovered a new charity crush. There are so many people out there doing so many good things to make our world a better place! Let us know who you’ve discovered and why we should all love their work.

Challenge: Make a post or send us an email about your new favorite charity to be entered in a drawing for a charity Swag Bag from Food Lifeline. Participants will be entered to win a swag bag from hunger alleviation organizations in the Pacific Northwest. 

Call to action: Make a pledge to your new favorite charity or one-time donation! 

People iconDay 5: Friday, December 4
Last Day to Give! 

This is it – the last day of the 2020 UWCFD campaign. Consider one last donation to benefit Northwest Harvest through our Virtual Coin Jar – or, support any of the nearly 5,000 organizations in the UWCFD! This year nonprofits need our support more than ever, and we can help them help others. Give now:

Donate the the UWCFD Virtual Coin Jar

Challenge: Donate food to the NW Harvest bins in the UW Tower ‚Äď send us a photo of you doing it or post it on social media and tag us @UWCFD. Participants will be entered to win a UWCFD swag bag.¬†

Call to action: Donate food or donate to these hunger related non-profits.