UW Combined Fund Drive

Campaign coordinators

The UWCFD campaign is the best time of the year. Want to have an event? Do it! Want to have a charity speaker? Yes, you can. Support the causes you care about most!

During the campaign, you can help by:

  • Sharing information about events and nonprofits
  • Making a gift
  • Inviting a speaker to share the work their nonprofit is doing
  • Hosting a fundraiser or event

We can’t do this without you. Campaign Coordinators are the key to a successful campaign. Your energy and enthusiasm are what makes our campaign special. You are the heart and soul of this campaign and your work is changing the world.

You aren’t alone in this – you’ve got lots of support like your fellow coordinators, campaign assistants, UWCFD staff and volunteers, and key campus community members. We’re all here to help make our community a better place.

Even though we aren’t getting together in person, we have lots of resources to help. Visit our Coordinator Training & Events to find lots of great resources for this year’s campaign.

We are currently recruiting campaign coordinators for the fall 2021 campaign. If you are interested in serving as a campaign coordinator, please contact uwcfd@uw.edu for more information.