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August 30, 2023

September 15 is Greenpeace Day

Plastic Waste / G Images

September 15 is Greenpeace Day! The day serves as an opportunity to recognize the impact of environmental activism and as a call to action for proactive response to environmental degradation.

Pollution is an environmental issue we hear about more than ever, taking the form of fossil fuels, plastic waste, deforestation and more.

Plastic poses one of the most significant environmental issues today.

Plastic is a choking hazard and there are untold numbers of animals found deceased with plastic in their systems.

Educating ourselves is one of the best ways to help. We are all familiar with the standard disposal trio of garbage, recyclable, and compost; however, there are many recycling myths that we still believe, and  improper recycling is still very common, turning what could have been reusable materials into trash. Understanding how the impact and responsibility we have over the world empowers us and lets us all make cleaner tomorrow for ourselves.

Want to observe Greenpeace Day? Here are a few ways:

Contribute to preservation or advocating for environmental protection. Here are a few nonprofit organizations dedicated to ecological/environmental preservation, with whom you can volunteer or donate through payroll deduction or a one-time gift:

  • BirdNote (charity code 1480657): Calls for habitat conservation and environment protection. BirdNote engages people with the sounds and stories of the natural world. Awareness is the first step. Our goal is to add significantly to the voices calling for habitat conservation and protection of the environment.
  • Center For Natural Lands Management: Conservation of Native Species, habitat and ecosystems.
  • UW Fish and Wildelife Service: Environmental education, wildlife/habitat protection and restoration.
  • Greenpeace (charity code 0314978): Greenpeace’s mission is to expose global environmental problems, and promote solutions for future generations.