UW Combined Fund Drive

November 10, 2022

Meet new UWCFD intern Aafreen Tejani

The UWCFD is delighted to welcome Aafreen to the team as our 2022-2023 student intern.

Aafreen is a first-year international student from Pakistan, pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at UW.

She has previous experience working as an analyst at The Citizens Foundation (TCF), a nonprofit providing education for underprivileged children in Pakistan and working to bring about social change in the country. Her work as an analyst at TCF involved designing and implementing major projects, making sure they targeted the right audience and were impactful.

As a part of her journey at UW, Aafreen’s goal is to continue working towards social policy and inclusion, and she joined the UW Combined Fund Drive team to help her take the first step towards that goal.

Aafreen is also a huge pet lover, especially cats, and loves to spend time in nature.