Child and family care during COVID-19

UW Child Care Connections

UW Child Care Connections is a service that connects UW students willing to provide child care or learning support to UW employees and graduate students who need caregiving support.

For students willing to provide care
By registering with UW Child Care Connections, you can provide in-person and/or remote support for children whose lives and learning have been disrupted by COVID-19 while helping their parents do their best at work and at home.

Here’s how the UW Child Care Connections program works:

  1. UW students willing to babysit or provide learning support for a UW family complete the online interest form. You’ll be asked to use your UW NetID and Duo two-factor authentication when you sign-in.
  2. UW Human Resources uses this information to connect you with a UW family that needs child care.
  3. The family will contact you directly to discuss details (how many children they have, hours, location, pay, etc.) They will also likely ask you for personal or business references.
  4. While you may opt to volunteer your time if you are able, we have established guidelines around recommended pay rates based on the number of children you will be caring for during the day that you can discuss with the families you will support.
  5. We care about your health and the health of our community. If you are currently healthy and not regularly interacting with vulnerable populations (elderly, immunocompromised, pregnant women), we invite you to consider being part of the UW Child Care Connections program.

For UW families in need of care

The University understands the challenges that remote learning and child care closures have had on families. UW Child Care Connections (UWC3) can connect you with UW students interested in providing in-person and/or remote support for children whose lives and learning have been disrupted by COVID-19, while supporting your work and well-being.

Here’s how the UW Child Care Connections program works:

  1. If you are a UW family that needs child care or learning support, please complete this online request form with your contact information and basic information about your family’s need for child care or learning support.
  2. UW Human Resources will review requests in the order they are received. If two or more UWC3 caregivers match your family’s needs, we will send you their contact information along with any information that they have shared with us.
  3. We remind you to review your referral list and avoid conflicts of interest related to your roles at the University, such as hiring students pursuing degrees in your academic area or hiring family and friends of employees in your department.
  4. You will contact the babysitter directly to discuss details (how many children you have, hours, location, pay, etc.). We encourage you to ask for and check references and to conduct a background check.
  5. We encourage you to review these considerations for child care health and safety during COVID-19 and these caregiving startup tips.

UW Human Resources will notify you if we are not able to match your family with prospective caregivers. We will review your request for matches periodically as additional students register with UWC3 and will notify you if referrals become available.