Human Resources

Second annual UW Staff Demographic Baseline Report now available

In December 2020, UW Human Resources launched its first demographic profile of the staff who serve the University. Last month, we completed the second annual baseline report, which features updated numbers for the same areas and staff populations included in the 2020 report along with a new section on the applicant journey.

These baseline reports are part of UWHR’s effort to provide longitudinal data that supports diversity goals and a more inclusive workplace. Although it will take more than two years of data collection to conduct substantive longitudinal analysis, with this year’s report some shifts were quite evident. For instance, in line with national trends, we saw a higher rate of employees separating from the University.

The aggregate data presented in the 2021 baseline report reflects the staff population as of October 31, 2021, and terminations and hires from July 2020 through June 2021. Along with new hires, the section on the applicant journey includes applicant and candidate data from the same period.

This data provides the opportunity to accomplish workforce planning and related efforts in response to goal 4 of the University of Washington Diversity Blueprint focused on attracting and retaining diverse staff and also supports the Affirmative Action Plan, which directs UW to make efforts to recruit qualified candidates who are representative of underrepresented groups.

You can find the report on UWHR’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion website at: UW Staff Demographic Baseline Report.