Human Resources

New Policy: Sexual misconduct disclosure verification, staff and student process

Beginning July 1, 2021, if your final candidate for a staff and covered student employment position is currently working or has worked at another Washington state postsecondary educational institution, the University is required to conduct a sexual misconduct disclosure verification with that institution. This verification must be sent prior to an employment offer and is used to verify the final candidate’s previously provided sexual misconduct disclosure, which must be completed and returned prior to offer.

Prospective staff employees
No action is required by departments. For final candidates to staff positions, UWHR and UW Medicine recruitment teams will facilitate the collection of both the candidate disclosure and the Washington state postsecondary educational institution sexual misconduct disclosure check, if applicable, prior to offer. The recruitment teams will review all candidate and institutional responses and will inform hiring managers of status. For more information, visit the sexual misconduct disclosure policy.

Prospective covered student employees
For final candidates to covered student positions, departments will initiate the candidate disclosure process using the Sexual Misconduct Declaration Tool. This tool replaces the current PDF process and facilitates collection of the sexual misconduct disclosure check from postsecondary educational institution employers, when applicable. Departments will be informed by email when the applicant and employer checks are clear. UWHR will contact departments directly in the case of affirmative responses.

Effective immediately, departments should stop using the PDF applicant sexual misconduct disclosure form. The link to the Sexual Misconduct Declaration Tool will be live on July 1, 2021.

Providing references to other Washington state postsecondary educational institutions
The sexual misconduct disclosure check law also requires the UW to disclose to other Washington state postsecondary educational institution employers any information regarding sexual misconduct related to our current and former employees even if the requestor does not ask for that information.

When providing a job performance reference check to a Washington state postsecondary educational institution on a current or former employee, you must follow current policy to document the reference you provide and also contact UWHR at to ensure the requesting institution is advised whether there is sexual misconduct information on file regarding our current or former employee. (Include employee name and requesting institution in the email).

UWHR is the central point of contact for staff, covered student, and academic personnel sexual misconduct disclosure checks. Additional information about providing employee references is outlined on the UWHR website.

Please contact if you have questions about this new requirement.